Submit Pimp is an auto submitter program that was written by a webmaster to fit his needs. There wasn't a program currently out there that was made for the babelog market- so Submit Pimp was born. If you use a gallery builder, or make your own galleries, or just want to submit something that isn't a gallery, Submit Pimp will make your life easier.

Submit Pimp lets you configure your own set of sites to submit to, and saves you tons of time so you can focus on other more important things. After a initial set up period, you will become addicted to Submit Pimp and will wonder how you ever lived without it. We are so sure that you will love Submit Pimp that we offer you a 15 day trial to test out the program. If you like what you see, and we know you will, then you can decide to buy.

If you have more questions about Submit Pimp, or want to learn more about the product, visit our FAQ.